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Bjorklund House

In Oak Forest, 30 miles southwest of Chicago’s loop, Bjorklund House has been home to 16 developmentally disabled adults since January 1994. A 24-hour staff encourages residents to achieve their maximum level of independence in a supportive group setting. From doing their laundry and helping with meals, to grocery shopping, using public transportation or holding a job, residents experience the satisfaction of growing toward independence. Individualized, carefully monitored programs challenge them to reach their potential through education, training and developing social skills.

Meet Claire, a resident of Bjorklund House

Contact us at:
Nicolette Lahman - Executive Director

Bjorklund House
15841 Terrace Drive
Oak Forest, IL 60452
(708) 687-2038
Fax: (708) 687-2762

This program currently does not have openings. If you would like to be considered for placement, please download the application below and mail it to the address above.
CER of Illinois Application